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Consumer Trust Alliance is a site that is made to fill a recently more and more urgent need in the evolution of the market.

For a long time the brilliance of capitalism has been adjusting and correcting the market on its own, so that the good and strong products will prevail as the rubbish and unsafe products fail to create any demand.

Like a natural selection of products and services, only the ones that can adjust to the needs of the consumer will remain on the market.

About Us In Few Words...

The Problem

But ever since rapid changes have transformed the market with fast trends and greater distances between the producer and consumer. The self regulating properties have had a hard time filtering out the bad products. Much because the Internet is easily manipulated with reviews, false promises and vague international regulations.

So we had to boost the consumers power over the market to what it once was! The people must control the market, the market must never control the people.

The Solution

We need a platform where we can exercise our freedom to create a demand that will once more allow capitalism to self regulate into a healthy, trustworthy and good market.

On this site we provide you the consumer with the power to make rational and safe decisions on what to buy.

The Result

Thanks to our talented team of testers made of specialists in a vast variety of fields, we make sure that every product is rigorously inspected and stress tested by people with relevant in depth competence and know-how.

By having people with authority in their ability tell a good product from a bad one, we can make sure that we only present you with products of superior quality in regards to materials, safety, ease of use, longevity, delivery process, service and price.

Our Method

The way we go about investigating a product is first done by controlling the overall safety of the product, if the product isn’t safe, it doesn’t matter how good it is.

So if the product passes our search for hazard and possible risk and we determine that it is 100% safe to use, we continue to test it’s quality.

Quality is determined by many factors like material composition, durability, technical design and ease of use, and how the experience of handling the product is.

By stress testing every product to its limit we quickly see what their flaws and strengths are. This is then compared against competitors and finally its price.

The last step we do is researching each product to see what the general opinion is and how the respective company and manufacturer behaves and operates.

Resulting in a filtering system that only gives our seal of approval to products that offer true value for money on any budget.

Our Goal

This site is made for consumer by consumer, so that we all can rest assured that our health and economy is safe. And therefore you know that whenever you find something on this site, you can rest assured that we have your interest at heart, so that you can browse freely among products that offer safe and true value.

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Consumer Trusted Review is nothing without our community. Every day we get hundreds of emails sent to us with requests to review certain products. This feedback is the lifeblood of our website. Would you like more information about any product available online? Would you like us to write a review on anything from laptops to gardenhoses? Just wanna ask questions about a specific product? Send us a message!

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